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ExirGostar Razi Company is a manufacturing company in the field of supplying raw materials for domestic producers in the food, animal, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, and this group has always required itself to provide products with good quality and reasonable prices. And has played an important role in meeting the needs of customers.

Respecting the goals and needs of customers, ExirGostar Razi Company has tried to provide the best services, relying on creative and specialized human capital and using the latest knowledge and technology in the service of respected manufacturers.

Food, Cosmetics & Fruit Essences

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Certificate of ExirGostar Razi Company:
ISO 9001

ISO 9001 indicates an accepted way of doing something. For example, stop signs are always octagonal, and this is a standard. This is the way to accept them. If you want to be creative and create a square stop sign, you will have a hard time finding a buyer for the product.

Or a company is required to comply with certain requirements in the processes of purchasing raw materials, production process, warehousing, etc., in order for the product of today or the product of yesterday or tomorrow to be no different.

The ISO 9001 standard contains accepted methods for operating and improving your company. The term "quality management system" is often used in the standard. The term refers to the processes of your organization that affect the final product or service, and basically, it is all you do, everything from planning, selling to delivering the product.